These 3 reptiles are your best choice for pets

Maybe you cringe when you think of a snake or other reptiles, and there is no way you would ever consider one as a pet. After all, you can’t snuggle up next to a reptile-like you would a furry kitten or put them on a leash and take them for a walk or train them to fetch your newspaper like you might a dog. Still, there are three reptiles that are friendly enough to make a good choice as a pet if you are in the market for a reptile.

Turtles, a skink, and iguanas are some of the top choices for those seeking a reptile to care for as a pet. Additionally, the following three choices of bearded dragons, ball pythons, or leopard geckos may provide you with the most satisfying reptile pet experience,

Bearded dragons

When you think of having a reptile as a pet, the first one that comes to mind may be a bearded dragon. The reason for that is probably that this is one of the most popular reptile pets. However, before you rush out and get one, understand how to care for them. They require a great deal of attention, but most bearded dragon owners will tell you the time you invest in them is well worth it. Some claim that the bond between them and their bearded dragon is akin to a dog’s loyalty. Some bearded dragon owners have even trained them to go on a walk.

Ball Pythons

When you think of a reptile, if a snake is what comes to mind first and piques your interest to own as a pet, a ball python may just be the one for you. As long as their basic needs are met, they will require very little attention making them the perfect pet for a new reptile owner. They are especially easy to care for if you are busy away from home and only have a few hours a week to tend to them. Keep them in a sealed tank, feeding them once a week or once every two weeks. The ball python gets its name from a behavior you probably don’t want to encourage when trying to form a pet/owner bond. The name comes from the way it curls up into a very tight ball when they feel scared or threatened.

Leopard Gecko

This low-key, attractive reptile is an easy one to care for. Their unique coloration makes them stand out among the reptile world. All they will need is an enclosure that is temperature-controlled and to be fed a couple of times a week, depending on how large the gecko is. Many leopard gecko owners admit that they establish a bond with this reptile pet.