Top 4 Ways You Can Decrease Dog Anxiety During Walks

Do you find it difficult to take your dog on walks because they are anxious the entire time? If you are, then you must become familiar with some strategies that will soothe your dog. It will allow them to feel much more comfortable, and the stroll will become a breeze.

Here are some top strategies you can begin applying today.

1. Let Your Dog Be Your Guide

One of the best ways to make the walk relaxing for your dog is to let them be your guide. Let your furry companion lead the way and enable them to select the streets and places they want to explore. If they stop at a spot to sniff it, let them be.

That is because when you give such autonomy to your dog, they will feel more confident in exploring the environment. The more you restrict him, the more he will become fearful of everything around him. So, let them call the shots for a change.

2. Shift Their Focus

If your dog feels anxious looking at passersby it gets anxious after a certain trigger, then you can shift their focus to calm their anxiety. For example, if there is a trigger nearby, then ensure that your dog focuses on you or a treat or even something to sniff. We recommend that you use the method of treat scatters for this problem.

All you have to do is grab some treats and toss them on the ground so your dog can sniff them. They will become busy with the treats and feel much calmer when they are done.

3. Boost Their Confidence

As a pet parent, you understand that sometimes you tend to focus on what your dog is doing wrong rather than what they are doing right. Sometimes, all your furry friend requires is a little practice and patience from your side. It will allow them to become their best self.

That is why you must praise your dog and encourage him to boost their confidence. For example, you can reward him for a consistent pace, every time he listens, and much more.

4. Use The Power Of Treats

Finally, you must use the power of treats to help your dog feel less anxious. Take lots of treats with you during the walk, and if your dog feels anxious, just lay them down. It will allow them to have the treats and then continue walking in no time.

The treats will keep your dog moving while ensuring that he feels less stressed and calm. After all, it is really hard to care once you have had your favorite food.

Final Words

These are the top four ways you can reduce the anxiety of your dog during the walks. You can apply these ways and see what works for your dog in the best way possible. Once you figure this out the walks will become much better for you and your furry companion.