Ukraine War: Animal Organizations Coping

‘We probably wouldn’t be able to get to Ukraine since our trucks are also too slow, and Russians would shoot down any civilian car,’ says one source. Mostly from the Romanian border, could we guarantee aid? ‘The situation is dire.’

Animal protection groups mostly around Ukraine have indeed been inundated with requests to save vulnerable pets; their guardians have little choice but to flee the country, leaving them.

Pet Voyage, based in Romania, has been assisting pets relocated out of Ukraine due to the turmoil.

So far, the charity, situated in the Siret near the Ukrainian border, has helped 20 animals migrate into Romania. It had planned to coordinate the evacuation of 70 dogs but had to abandon the plan due to the ongoing bombing in Ukraine.

“We can’t go to Ukraine since our trucks are slow, and Russians shoot at any civilian vehicle,” Cristian from Pet Voyage said. We can only provide assistance from across the border or, at most, go to Cernauti [on the Ukrainian side, not far from the borderline] to gather animals.

“The scenario is terrible. I receive emails on a daily basis, but we can’t help.”

Cristian, a Pet Voyage driver, said that there are other stranded rescues in Ukraine that “pressingly need nourishment, and we will need to find a way to bring across.”

“I’m terribly sorry for all the animals that have been left aside, but I do not, however, know, so perhaps the Russians will end eventually, or at least I thought they will, I want.”

One group that has been permitted to continue its work on the ground in Ukraine is Four Paws International Animal Welfare Organization.

Its personnel in Bulgaria, Romania, and Moldova also provide free services like vaccines, veterinary services, and medicinal medicines.

Earlier in the week, Four Paws sent 1.5 tons of dry dog feed to a kennel in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. The amount will feed around 320 dogs housed at the facility and then another neighboring facility for about 30 days.

“This supply comes as a huge relief since both shelters were running out of food, and the number of dogs is regretfully growing day by day due to more people fleeing and leaving their pets behind,” Hannah Baker, head of communications at Four Paws UK, said.

Four Paws’ operation in Ukraine has been paused due to the fear of heavy artillery shelling and gunfire. It used to provide stray animal care on a regular basis, but this has had to be discontinued until further notification.

“In reality, our abandoned wildlife rehabilitation crew in Ukraine conducts a portable treatment center, conducting out catch-neuter-vaccinate-return efforts in different localities around the country,” Ms. Baker explained. However, driving in these challenging times is too dangerous.

“As soon as reasonably practicable to do so again, the team will begin the critical duty of rehabilitating, sterilizing, and immunization abandoned animals in Ukraine.”