Use these natural dog treatments instead of harsh chemicals

Just like you, your dog will probably occasionally get sick or require preventative treatments. Instead of using harsh chemicals and dangerous treatments, use these natural dog remedies to help your four-footed furry friend.


Sometimes, antibiotics become necessary even for dogs. But, if your pet has just finished a round of the drugs, it’s important to provide them with probiotics to rebuild their intestinal tract and prevent yeast infection. Do this by giving them yogurt with live acidophilus, good bacteria.

Yeast infection

If your dog does develop a yeast infection, one of the first tell-tale signs is a distinct foul smelling odor coming from their ears. Sometimes, it comes about due to water being trapped in the ear canal. If this is the case, mix equal parts white vinegar with water and apply it once or twice a day into the ear with a dropper or a syringe.

Digestion issues

Constipation or diarrhea are common ailments that can often be treated with some home remedies.  For constipation, try adding pumpkin or pitted diced prunes to their diet. Make sure they don’t consume the pit as it is dangerous to dogs. For diarrhea, try a bland diet with plain yogurt or ginger, or avoiding a feeding. If the diarrhea is accompanied by bloody stool or a lot of vomiting, seek the help of a vet.

Bee sting removal, Flea and tick treatment

Dogs are susceptible to fleas and ticks since they run around low to the ground. Try treating this naturally by adding a few drops of rose geranium oil to the dog’s collar. It’s great for repelling ticks and fleas. Also, you could apply a drop behind each shoulder blade or by the base of the tail every three to five days.

Another pesky danger of being outside is bees. If your dog gets stung, remove the stinger and then apply a baking soda, cold water, and vinegar paste. Wait about 10 minutes before rinsing. If your dog shows signs of a severe allergic reaction, seek the help of a vet.

Skin irritations

To help the dog’s dry and irritated skin, try grinding up oatmeal in a food processor and then stirring it with warm water. Let your dog soak in the mixture in a tub of water.

Cuts or open wounds

Lavender oil is a good essential oil to use to treat minor cuts or wounds found on your dog. The oil provides an antimicrobial solution that also relieves pain. Lavender is gentle enough that you can apply it directly to the dog’s skin.