What Should I Feed My Cat?

Our pet cats are the most precious little animals. If you have a cat of your own, one of the pressing questions in your mind would be to decide which food is best for your cat. The debate between feeding canned or dry food to cats is a long one, and all people have their own input.

Why Canned Foods are Considered Healthier

You might have heard that canned foods are better for your cat than dry food. If you are wondering why this assumption is often made, here are two key arguments from cat lovers and vets:

1. Cats Don’t Need Carbs

Cats are carnivores, which means they need to be fed canned food that only has a limited amount of carbohydrates. Dry food often contains dietary carbs which can be bad for your cat’s health. If a cat consumes too many carbs, they can become obese or develop diabetes – two of the most common health issues faced by the little animal.

2. Dry Food Leads to Dehydration

While no one actually knows why, but cats who eat dry food are often dehydrated. Having dry food means that the cats don’t feel thirsty, which means they have a very minimal water intake. As a result of dehydration, cats can develop health issues similar to humans like chronic kidney disease and urinary tract infections. As an alternative, canned foods help cats feel thirsty, which normalizes their water intake.

Based on these two arguments, you might be quick to assume that canned food is the best choice for your cat. However, the truth is that the history of medicine proves that not all hypotheses are actually true.

The only way to uncover the truth behind these arguments would be to conduct an experiment to find evidence to back the claims. Until there are comprehensive studies done on cat food consumption, no one can fully rule out the possibility of dry food being better than canned food.

Other Nutritional Variables

While the debate of canned food vs dry food may sound simple, it is rather complicated indeed. Apart from canned and dry food, there can be other nutritional variables that have a direct impact on the cat’s health.

One should also consider the preexisting health of the cat and factors such as age, weight, and climate conditions. Each of these variables can have a direct impact on how your cat responds to either canned or dry food.

Counter Arguments

Even the argument presented by people who assume that canned food is better lacks some common sense. Saying that all carbohydrates are bad for cats is a broad assumption – especially since the type and amount of carbs eaten by a cat can make a huge difference in their health.

Additionally, canned food might help the cat urinate due to the higher water levels, but it cannot be claimed that dry food is the only reason why a cat is dehydrated. Perhaps the cats who become dehydrated after eating dry food are those who live in colder climates. When a cat does not sweat, they do not feel thirsty.

Final Words

While you may be looking for a simple answer to the question, the fact is that the best food for your cat will always depend on the specific circumstance. Some cats might prefer canned food, while others thrive on dry food. Before you independently decide which type of food is best for your cat, you should consider the response of your cat to both canned and dry food.