Who Is Going To Take Care Of The Former Lab Chimpanzees?

Medical research helps us make incredible new discoveries, but is it worth it when the animals are not taken care of? For example, private labs and the government bred hundreds of chimps for medical research. However, the research has ended, and many of these chimps are still not placed in sanctuaries.

Here is what you must know about this issue.

Wildlife Waystation: Financial Troubles

Wildlife Waystation was a privately-owned animal sanctuary in California. The sanctuary opened its doors in the 70s, but it closed down three years ago. That is because they were going through a financial crisis and many other problems that led to the closure.

Because of this, almost 500 animals needed new homes. These animals included tortoises, tigers, lions, wolves, foxes, camels, and 42 chimps. Most of these chimps had originally come from private labs that were using these chimps for medical research.

Of course, a few of them were also from movie sets or pets that were given away by owners that couldn’t care for them. After a year of closure, different wildlife facilities took in the animals. This also includes more than half the chimps.

The Displacement Of The Chimps

Unfortunately, eighteen chimps didn’t get new homes, and most of them were from private labs. Since 2015, chimps are not being used in any invasive medical research that causes distress, pain, or even injury to the animals. However, what can one do with these former research chimps?

The cost of paying for their care is also a lot, and no one wants to take on this responsibility. Their future is uncertain, and no one knows where they will go. Many chimps are also in research institutions that are not supported by the federal government anymore.

According to estimates, it costs more than 17,000 annually to care for chimps. Because of this, it is also difficult for private labs to keep them because the costs are too high. While chimps have proven to be invaluable for research, there must be some way to care for them.

The Needs Of Chimps

Just like us, chimps also need lots of stimulation to survive. When they were in Waystation, they were used to seeing other people, such as caretakers, tour groups, and more. Of course, now these chimps have nothing to do, and they are incredibly bored as they don’t have any stimulation.

We just hope that these chimps find a home because they also deserve everything they need, just like us. The government should help private labs to take care of these chimps so that they are not displaced or dead.

Final Words

Unfortunately, this has been the state of chimps ever since medical research was stopped on them. We must help them find a proper home so that they can live a long and healthy life. When we care for other beings, we become more sensitive as a planet and help one another without expecting anything in return.