‘World’s Most Beautiful Twins’ Are Now Famous Instagram Models

As all parents will confirm, having a newborn is monumentally challenging. Despite all the difficulties though, each new bundle of joy represents one of life’s most magical moments. So, Jaqi and Kevin Clements couldn’t have been happier when they discovered they not one but two little blessings. They welcomed their identical twins sooner than scheduled, but the girls were born beautiful and healthy. The Clements family welcomed their adorable girls Ava Marie and Leah Rose in 2010, and little did they know the surprises awaiting them. After the twins were born, their striking looks did not go unnoticed. In fact, their unparalleled beauty catapult them to fame. Dubbed the ‘world’s most beautiful twins,’ the Clements twins are taking the modeling world by storm. Indeed, they’ve already won the hearts of 1 million followers (and counting) on Instagram. Their journey has some fascinating twists and turns, and of course, plenty of amazing pictures. Read on for a glimpse into their unique world plus some bonus strategies for anyone seeking social media stardom.

Making a Bold Entrance

theclementstwins-89594-55295.png On July 7, 2010, Jaqi was not expecting to meet her newborn babies Ava Marie and Leah Rose. The twins surprised everyone by coming earlier than expected, but as time passed by, Jaqi understood the reason behind their early arrival. “They came four and a half weeks early, but knowing their personalities now, it makes total sense that they would show up early, unannounced, and ready to take on anything,” Jaqi said. The twins’ natural beauty was evident from the moment they were born – with big blue eyes, chubby cheeks, and perfectly symmetrical faces, they had that model look from the start. Of course, this led to endless compliments from family and strangers alike.

What Everyone Said

With little girls this lovely and adorable, people couldn’t resist complimenting them. From the moment they were born, Jaqi continually heard the same comment: “Wow they are so beautiful, you should really think about getting them into modeling.” Eventually, she decided to follow the advice and see if her little ones would take to modeling. Once the twins were six months old, the family inked a deal with an agency in Los Angeles. At the time, Jaqi was also taking care of their two-year-old son, so motherhood was as challenging as it was rewarding. To maintain balance, she decided to shorten the first modeling gig the girls appeared in, keeping it to just three months.

What the Twins Want

While modeling seems like a fun idea, Jaqi decided the girls were too young to be starting. She felt no regrets about pulling the kids out. But as time went on, things slowly started to change, and Jaqi had to make an important decision. Ava Marie and Leah Rose were so young it was hard to say whether they would want to be models. Jaqi wanted to support her kids in doing what they wanted, not what others suggested. So, to keep the girls happy, she made sure they were old enough to have a say before considering modeling again.

Waiting For The Right Time

Even when they were toddlers, Jaqi wasn’t convinced they were old enough to voice their opinions or make their own decisions. As such, Jaqi and her husband thought hard about the right time to allow the twins to decide for themselves. A great believer in signs, Jaqi kept an open mind and heart. Since seven is her lucky number, she felt it was more than a coincidence that Ava and Leah were born on 7/7. And the very thought of them turning seven on July 7, 2017 gave Jaqi a hint on how to resolve her concern about the dream of her beloved girls.

The Girls’ Response

By the time Ava and Leah reached seven years old, they had developed their own personalities. They were involved in various extracurricular activities like swimming and dancing. According to Jaqi, the girls love to perform for anybody and everybody, a trait she and her husband don’t have. On their 7th birthday, she brought up the long-awaited plan, telling the girls that if they wanted to pursue modelling, in addition to their weekly dance and swim classes, they could give it a try. And the twins’ response? “They started jumping up and down and couldn’t wait to begin,” said Jaqi.

The Modeling Begins Again

The transition back to modelling was smoother for Jaqi and her twins. Luckily, their neighbor had recently opened a children’s boutique and she needed models to help market her new business. Ava and Leah were given the job without a moment’s hesitation. Because the girls were still very young, Jaqi took things slowly. She knew that wearing excessive makeup and a variety of pretty clothes could be unhealthy for their development. So, she took the matter into her hands and “put a few waves in the girl’s hair, dabbed on a little blush” and snapped their photos using her decade-old Nikon camera.

Ironing Out the Wrinkles

During her first shoot with the twins, Jaqi had to cut them a lot of slack. Despite their stunning looks, Ava and Leah didn’t have a natural understanding of how to model. “Ava would look at the camera while Leah would stare off into space… Leah would accidentally bump into Ava who of course thought it was on purpose and would shove her back,” Jaqi said. Jaqi worried that it would be difficult to get the twins back with an agent after their first attempt six years ago. Still, she called her old contacts and to her surprise, they ended up inking deals with not one but two agencies.

The Double Agency Predicament

Little did Jaqi realize that having two agencies would put them in trouble rather than giving her daughters more opportunity and exposure. Everything was turning okay until one of the agencies gave her a call. “Hi, we wanted to let you know we were able to get the girls straight through to a callback for a Barbie Audition tomorrow,” the agent told Jaqi. Of course, she was overjoyed with the good news but she panicked because her girls had the same audition with their other agent. So she told the truth and the issues got fixed in no time.

Instagram Explosion

In July 2017 Jaqi created an Instagram account for the girls called @clementstwins. Though she was clueless as to the ins-and-outs of social media promotion. The girls had 380,000 followers after just five months. The aim of the account was to serve as a portfolio for agencies and to earn a huge fanbase. These goals were rapidly achieved thanks to the charm and beauty of the twins. She also let one of their biggest secrets to success slip: “One thing I know for sure, it’s ALL about the pictures… so don’t settle for an average photographer because you want to save a few dollars.”

It Runs in the Blood

2017 proved to be a great year for the Clements family. Alongside Ava and Leah’s progress in modeling, Jaqi had a feeling that 2017 would be a lucky and exciting year since 7 is the family’s lucky number. Ava and Leah’s success in the modelling world is greatly credited to their genes. That being the case, it’s no surprise that their older brother Chase proved to be a talented model too. He signed a contract with the same modeling agency, and has taken an interest in acting. You may have even seen him performing in a few commercials. Striking looks and talent certainly run in the family!

The Highs and Lows

As soon as the public were introduced to the twins, love for them grew like crazy. Not long after they decided to give modeling a try, Lea and Avah had completed six jobs in the span of a week. They loved every minute of it and wanted to do more. Jaqi, meanwhile, was new to the modeling business and figuring everything out as she went along. As the years progress, she’s learning more about the industry and says there are ups and downs. On her blog, she wrote that one of the most important things she’s learned is, “before trusting someone to guide you, make sure you know who you are getting involved with.”

Finding The Right Assistance

One of the hardest challenges Jaqi and her girls consistently encounter in their modeling life is LA traffic. Their several weekly trips into downtown Los Angeles can sometimes turn into 6-hour-long roundtrip drives. Although this journey is challenging and exhausting, they have little choice but to deal with it. Jaqi always does thorough research before getting her kids involved in anything, and she ignores any negativity directed at her daughters or her family. She feels a lot of anxiety and pressure to safeguard her family and fight back, but then reminds herself, “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.”

“They Look Sad”

Ava and Leah frequently receive a comment that they look sad all the time. Some people even take this to mean that they’re being pushed to model and that they aren’t enjoying their job. The girls respond that some photoshoots are supposed to be more serious than others. Some people think the girls are too young to be exposed to makeup and “grownup clothes.” Jaqi’s response is: “ln every job the girl’s book through their agency, or any professional photo shoot they attend, there is a hired hair and makeup artist on set. Why!? Because that’s how the industry works.”

They Do Other Things Too

Jaqi knew they’d never be able to please everyone, so despite receiving endless negative comments from the public about Leah and Ava’s modeling career, she and her daughters take comfort in the fact that they know they haven’t been forced into modeling. Aside from modeling, the twins are still average little girls. They play around during photo shoots and sometimes get on each other’s nerves. They still love dancing and often do it in front of the camera before they begin modeling.

The Benefits of Modeling

Although the modeling life can be super tiring, it’s also been instrumental in bringing the Clements family together. They consider each trip as an opportunity to spend more time together and make new friends in the process. In addition to enjoying more family time and meeting other kids their age, the twins are frequently sent new clothes and products to try out. They love testing them out and use their photoshoots to give a shout-out to the companies who sent the gifts.

Instagram Success

Gaining a huge fan base in a short amount of time is no easy feat. Just as the twins’ Though their account earned more than 300,000 followers in a short amount of time, Jaqi knew she had to learn all the tricks to turn her little girls from Instagram novices into superstars. Knowing very little about social media, she had to strategize to win the attention of the public. To make sure that people don’t get bored of your social media, Jaqi recommends to post in moderation. She explained that if you overpost, people will likely unfollow you because you’re consuming too much of their entire timeline.

The Importance of Hashtags

Another crucial factor to consider when it comes to Ava and Leah’s Instagram account is the application of hashtags. Being the ever-supportive mother that she is, Jaqi did her research and found a formula that helps to get her daughters as much exposure as possible without being over-the-top with the hashtags. She revealed that in order to get the attention of social media users, she uses the same hashtags as other models their age. That way, they’ll be seen by those who follow the other models’ accounts. This makes sense huh? Keep reading to learn more effective social media strategies.

Tags Result To More Likes

Aside from using hashtags on the girls’ social media accounts, Jaqi also considered other important factors. To ensure and maintain the success of the twins’ Instagram account, tagging people is also incredibly crucial. Aside from showing their appreciation for photographers, makeup artists, and designers, tagging also brings up their Instagram account when someone searches for those people. Moreover, Jaqi recommends to tag these people both in the photo and in the comments section to make sure that the tag doesn’t go unnoticed. Simple yet effective tricks like these have led to more likes and publicity for the twins.

Following Others To Boost Your Profile

Also, remember that when you’re running a popular Instagram account, you want to follow certain people to increase your chances that they will follow you. During the early phase of her relationship with Instagram, Jaqi followed other child models, children’s stores, photographers, makeup artists, and more. And the girls drew a big following in just a short period. But, Jaqi learned that she had to be selective with the people she wanted to follow. She reviewed the accounts carefully and followed only the most relevant accounts.

The Comments Section

Many things contributed to the massive success of the twins’ Instagram account. One of the biggest was the comments section on their Instagram page. A big portion of their success comes down to the fact that they took advantage of the comments. Jaqi explained that she would make comments on the posts of other models, photographers, and makeup artists in the hope of making contact with them and starting a conversation. She said that maximizing the comments section helps to create healthy relationships relationships and familiarize yourself with other significant people in your industry.

Effective Trends

As time went on, Jaqi discovered many more things that helped her daughters’ social media accounts. As it turns out, there are certain picture types that are more liked by the public than others. At first, she thought that regardless of the theme and mood of the photos, the twins would get likes. Of course, their innate charm and beauty are the main reasons for their massive following. However, the Clements family began to realize that they got more likes on photos where Ava and Leah‘s similar features, like their expressive eyes, were next to each other. This makes the images extraordinary, drawing people in and encouraging them to like and follow.

Their Fashionable Outfits

When the girls were just starting off with their modeling career, it wasn’t only their striking looks and similarities that caught the attention of the public, it was also their fashionable outfits. To make sure her daughters were always dressed to perfection, Jaqi would borrow clothes from their neighbor who owns a kids’ boutique. To return the favor, she would advertise the shop on their Instagram page. Apparently, it was a win-win situation for both parties as people continue to be impressed by the trendy clothes the girls wear. The shop has earned plenty of positive reviews and more clients as a result.

Honesty Is Always The Best Policy

The Clements twins’ modeling journey has been an endless learning experience for the whole family. They are still figuring out the ins-and-outs of the industry, and one of the most significant lessons they’ve learned is that honesty is indeed the best policy, always. They learned that whether they are working with an agency, other models, or a professional photographer, saying whatever is on your mind helps keep things clear between everyone. It also helps you develop a reputation as a person of integrity in the business. The Clements have found that being honest has helped them establish happy and healthy relationships among their colleagues and with their fanbase.

They Will Only Stay If They Want To

For the Clements family, the agreement is always that they will only stay in the modeling industry as long as they’re loving it and everyone is happy. Their parents are more than happy and willing to continue supporting their dream as long as they see their beautiful children happy. They would never force the kids to stay in the business. Jaqi and her husband got their back, always. If the kids decide to stop, they will support the decision. What matters most is their happiness.

Making New Friends

The modeling industry has a lot of benefits, and the Clements twins got to experience them at a very young age. Jaqi revealed that one of the major advantages of having her daughters in the modeling industry is all the friends they make along the way. On her blog, Jaqi shared how much Ava and Leah value friendships. She wrote: “[They] meet a new ‘friend’ for 10 minutes at an audition or a shoot and are already asking me if this new friend can be their cousin, because a simple friendship just doesn’t quite express the love they have for their new friend.”

The Modeling Industry Isn’t Cheap

The twins’ mommy would also like to make it clear that just because her daughters are constantly booking jobs, this doesn’t mean that their family is rich. Jaqi revealed that they have to budget for gas, food, and headshots to keep up with the job. Jaqi uses her blog as a platform to share every memorable experience and all the challenges. “I guess if you really put it all into perspective, the money we as parents put out now… will allow them to make their own money they can use towards college or a car or a house in the future,” she writes.

Be Careful Who You Trust

Reflecting on her family’s journey in the modeling industry, Jaqi shared on her blog: “This by far has been one of the most stressful, upsetting, mind-boggling, and biggest lessons I’ve learned in this industry so far.” She is referring to the fact that you should be wary of who you trust. She pointed out that when choosing an agent or industry professional to work with, it’s crucial that you hire someone who values your kids’ best interests. Doing a little research on the person will save you and your family a lot of trouble. Indeed, trust is important.

The Clements Have Good Genes

Are you wondering where the Clements twins and their brother got their stunning good looks? Wonder no more as one look at their parents will answer your question. Their beautiful genes are undeniably strong. This photo that looks like it came straight from a magazine. The Clements are indeed one good-looking family. We’ve witnessed Jaqi even models with her daughters sometimes, and we’re quite sure their dad could work the camera pretty well too!

New Adventures

Though there’s endless backlash, particularly claims that the twins are being forced to model, the girls couldn’t care less. Mean comments are simply dismissed. Instead of getting affected, the kids just focus on what they enjoy most – modeling. Leah and Ava insist that they love the job. But what is it about modeling that’s so appealing? “They like the new adventures we go on every week, never knowing where we will end up, but looking forward to a new experience,” Jaqi explained on her blog. The adventures that characterize their modeling journey bring immense joy and valuable lessons they will treasure for a lifetime.

Bonding With Mom

With Jaqi being mom and manager in one package, Leah and Ava get to spend a lot of quality time with her. Their modeling career may be action-packed, but they are happy that they get to see their mother a lot. The work has established a mother-daughter bond that will last a lifetime. Jaqi explained, “They like spending time in the car with each other and with me… having some girl time together.” They also love making super sweet appreciation posts, sharing how much they love each other.

Nevermind the Negativity

Despite the love, Jaqi is regularly attacked with negative comments. Instead of getting affected, she says she doesn’t really pay attention to it. Jaqi knew it would be a waste of time defending her daughters and her family from online abuse. They know the truth, they know they’re happy, and that’s all that matters to them. “I definitely don’t give any light to negative comments because I know myself that they are untrue and that’s really all that matters,” Jaqi said in reply to a comment on her blog.

Negating Negativity

Even though Jaqi doesn’t like the negative comments, there’s little she can do about it. So, what does she do to keep her sanity when strangers insist on judging her and her daughters? Well, she knows that she cannot stop them, so she just lets them be. On her blog, Jaqi revealed her effective response to their critics, writing: “I welcome people to comment… good or bad. I don’t plan on deleting anyone’s comments, even if they are negatively directed towards me because everyone is entitled to express how they feel.”

Speaking Up Matters

As in any industry, modeling requires you to speak up and establish a clear understanding with your colleagues and followers. While it can be tough to do this, it’s important that you be honest about how you feel. Jaqi replied to a commenter who, just like her, has kids in the modeling industry but was afraid to speak up about the way people treat them. “I don’t want to do or say anything that will jeopardize anything for my kids but at the same time, enough is enough. If I can prevent others from going through what we have been through then it’s worth the fight!,” Jaqi wrote.

No Slowing Down

The Clements twins show no signs of slowing down in their modeling careers. They may still be in elementary school, but they’re already building their own successful empire. Their 1.1 million followers on Instagram are proof that they are amazing models and social media influencers. Ava and Leah have just launched their own YouTube channel where they share their lives via vlogs. We’re pretty sure it’ll be another giant success. One thing’s for sure, the Clements twins are on their way to becoming two of the most followed models on Instagram.

Building Their Stellar Portfolios

Now that the Clemets twins are a tad older, more modeling opportunities are available to them. High-end fashion publications and famous clothing brands are reaching out to have Ava and Leah model for them, and the results are incredible. The girls now have an impressive portfolio of stunning images taken by high-caliber photographers. With their beauty and charm, we wouldn’t be surprised to see even bigger doors opening for them in the future. Paired with their huge Instagram following, the twins have a bright future ahead of them. All the best, Leah and Ava!

An Amazing Life

Ava and Leah Clements became professional models at a very young age – when they were seven years old. The past year has been especially exciting for the twins and their mom Jaqi. Months after they became professional models on July 7, 2017, the Daily Mail featured the girls and their modeling journey. And it’s been a steep upward trajectory from there. Jaqi said “the girls have had an amazing ride so far.” From luxurious shopping treats from different brands all over the world to taking photos with their fans, the twins are lucky to have their mom supporting them through every step of their modeling career.

A Lesson In Speaking Up

Throughout all their challenges, Jaqi has learned that it’s not always good to keep quiet. Sometimes, the best thing to do would be to speak up, especially if you need to defend yourself or your loved ones. Even though Jaqi was scared that speaking up could hinder the young girls’ blooming careers, she eventually realized that she could protect them better by actually saying something and not remaining silent.

Haters Gonna Hate

Although the Clements parents have been very supportive of their twins, a lot of people online didn’t appreciate their efforts. Despite the girls’ blossoming career as young models and influencers, some believed that their parents were simply using them for money. In fact, commenters on the social aggregate website Reddit even claimed that the Clements was taking the twins’ childhoods away by letting them model at such a young age.

Facing Backlash

The family faced an almost never-ending backlash on social media. One commenter from Reddit mentioned her own eight-year-old daughter, saying that she would never ‘exploit’ her child for money or for likes on social media platforms like Instagram. The Reddit user also took a jab at the amount of makeup that the girls wore on a regular basis, as well as all the Photoshop editing done to their photos. It’s very clear that not all parents support what the Clements are doing for their kids.

Jaqi Responds

Jaqi finally responds to all the haters and critics, saying that the reason why they’re doing all these is simply that the girls love modeling. She claims that not a single thing was forced upon them – they chose to do it themselves. The only thing she did was to suggest the activity. At that time, they were already taking dance classes and attending swim team practices weekly. When they took their mother’s advice to try modeling, they fell in love with it almost instantly

Expensive Lifestyle

Jaqi also explained that their lifestyle became much more expensive once the girls started modeling. Of course, she immediately became very supportive after seeing how excited the two girls were to begin their new life as models. In fact, Jaqi claimed that they even “jumped up and down” in excitement.

Only Making Enough

Another issue that Jaqi addressed was the assumption that the Clements parents were making a lot of money due to the twins’ modeling careers. She claimed that contrary to popular belief, they were, in fact, losing more money than they were earning because their kids incurred a lot of expenses.

Future Investment

That said, Jaqi said she doesn’t regret spending all that money on her kids’ careers. She actually considered their modeling hobby-turned-career as an investment for the twins’ future. After all, if they make enough money from modeling, then they can use that money in order to fund their own car or even their own college education in the future. And that’s something that Jaqi would certainly love for her children.

Jaqi Strikes Back

Jaqi also addressed comments saying that her children look sad or unhappy with their lives. Of all the things that people said about the family, this is the one that she didn’t appreciate the most. Apparently, a lot of people had made assumptions as though they knew the family in person. “Did you ever stop to think that maybe modeling actually makes them happy?” asks the young mother, before answering the question herself with a confident, “It does.”

The Twins’ Happiness Comes First

Jaqi made one thing very clear: Ava and Leah’s happiness always comes first before anything. She said that she appreciated everyone’s concern for her kids, but she assured everyone by saying that they’re absolutely fine. She shared that her kids actually had a lot of friends that they get to play with every single day. She also said that people couldn’t just assume things based on a posed picture alone since it can’t possibly capture their personalities or quality of life.

What’s Next For The Twins?

Currently, the twins are still studying in elementary, which means they still have a lot to go in life. The best thing about this is that their modeling career is positively thriving. They’re always booked for more gigs and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

Exciting Times

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Jaqi shared that the girls have been having a really amazing time so far. They had plenty of new experiences in the past year, such as doing private shopping, working with brands, and meeting their adoring fans. All this and more makes the girls a lot more excited about their future in the world of modeling.

Breaking Past One Million

Did you know that the girls have already reached more than one million followers on Instagram? And the thing is, their follower count is still growing. It won’t surprise us if, in the next few years, they’ll already have the same number of followers as other well-known celebrities in the industry such as model sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid.

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Ten-Year-Old Wonders

Ava and Leah may only be eight years old, but many fashion magazines and clothing brands are already scrambling to work with them. Many of the industry’s top photographers, makeup artists, and hairstylists have already worked with the two, and many more are excited for the opportunity to do so.

Hustling Young

One of the companies that have already partnered with the twins is Hudson + Hobbes, a kids’ clothing company from Canada. Their lineup with the company involves products that are “girly, sporty, comfortable, and stylish”, based on their Instagram post. Definitely an amazing job considering their young age.

New Business Opportunities

Another company in the girls’ long line of business opportunities is Nail and Bone. It’s a nail polish brand that’s cruelty-free and vegan. The company has a very good track record of donating 20% of their profits to charities that deal with pet adoption and rescue. Their partnership with the twins gave birth to two new nail polish colors called Hope and Courage.

Hardworking Girls

Quite obviously, having a successful modeling career means spending a lot of time working. But despite their young age, the girls are already game to take on whatever it takes to rise to the top. According to the girls’ parents in 2017, the twins once signed up for six modeling jobs all in the same week. That’s a lot of dedication for such young girls, for sure.