30+ Things We Wouldn’t Call Ordinary

Do you ever look at something and question yourself and your eyesight if it is even real? Well, all the pictures in our list will have you questioning yourself because they are some of the most bizarre things you will find. However, they will amaze you at the same time.

So, if you want to know more about the most unusual things that exist on our planet, you are in the right place. You might even start questioning reality after looking at some of these pictures. You will look twice at these pictures because you might think how some of these are even possible.

Here are the top fifty most unusual things that will shock and amaze you simultaneously.

Mermaid Or Beluga Whale?

Many people believe that mermaids exist, but scientists always tell us that such creatures don’t exist. However, after looking at this image, you will also question the existence of mermaids in the sea. Of course, this is just an image of a beluga whale that seems to have striking similarities with a human.

These similarities include the legs that seem trapped inside its tail and their posture. We wonder if this is the image that people saw and started believing that mermaids exist. All we know is that the sea is mysterious and who knows what lurks there.

The Worst Bike Seat In The World

Most people think bike seats are uncomfortable, but this seat takes the award for the most uncomfortable one out there. If we saw this seat near us, we would run and get away as far as we could from it. Maybe the seat was too comfortable, which is why the bees also set up camp here.

It is hilarious that the bees would choose a bicycle seat instead of a bush or tree as their nesting place. We wonder what was going on in their heads when they chose this spot. We are curious to find out.

The Fish With A Transparent Head

Have you ever wondered what a fish’s head looks like from the inside and what it contains? If you have, then here is a rare opportunity to look at the barreleye fish with a transparent head. The phenomenon is there because it allows their eyes to collect light, helping them with tunnel vision.

Because of this, it is one of the most unique fish you will see in the ocean. Many people also call this a spook fish, even though nothing is spooky about it. The fish looks harmless and will probably not even do anything to you in the sea.

The Icy Ghost

If there is one thing we would not want near our window, it is this ice ghost that is lurking. While people think snow is magical and beautiful, there is also a dark side because this ice ghost makes no friends. One wrong look at him, and he might attack you with his sharp icicles.

We wonder how the brown and yellow color came on this ice ghost and how this shape formed in the first place. Maybe it was a ghost that got stuck in ice and left this shape. We would never want to cross paths with this.

Many Skeletons Inside One Body

You are looking at a large body, and there are many skeletons inside it as you can see the bones. Yes, this is perfectly normal because this is what a dog ultrasound looks like. Everyone is used to looking at human ultrasounds, but this one is bizarre and unique at the same time.

These skeletons are of the little pups hiding inside the womb of their mother. We hope this pregnancy goes well and the dog delivers healthy puppies in no time. We don’t know about you, but we would love to see more of such ultrasounds of various animals.

The Shell Of Shedding Skin

You might have seen many weird things in your life, but we can guarantee you have never seen the shell of a lizard’s skin. Yes, shedding skin is a natural process for them, but it is weird to find an intact shell of skin shed. The shell contains the expression of the lizard right before skin replacement.

Everything is intact, from the texture to the details of the face, and it is truly a beautiful work of nature. However, it is the shell of the lizard’s head and not its entire body. We wonder where the rest of it went.

Shadows Of Babies’ Past

Are you looking at this picture and wondering if the clear quartz has spiders trapped inside? Well, we thought these were spiders too, but these are Mannardite phantoms. The phenomenon causes these black spots inside the clear quartz, making them look more beautiful than ever. Only some quartz’ have this unique quality.

The Mannardite phantoms are present in many sizes and shapes as they vary between each crystal. Sometimes they are large and look in unison, unlike these small ones. We would love to have a collection of these crystals at home because they look unique and stunning.

Just To Compare The Sizes

Looking at this picture, we never want to go out at sea, especially in a boat like this. It is one of our worst sea nightmares that have come to life, but this boat came back home safely. We are sure the people had a heart attack after seeing this picture from their drone.

Of course, the whale was harmless and did not do anything, but her size is giving us goosebumps. It reminds us that anything can happen when you are in the ocean. One slight wrong movement could have angered the whale and tipped the entire boat.

The Snapdragon Skulls

You might think this looks like an open grave of human skulls, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It is not just us who decompose and leave our skulls behind. Snapdragons, a unique flower, also decompose and create a skull-like shape while dying.

Of course, these small skulls look more terrifying than human skulls because it looks like their mouths are open. We are guessing that they died out in shock and left these pieces behind. If you ever keep snapdragons at home, be ready to witness these skulls in your garden one day.

The Raspberry Bug

Many of us love to eat raspberries because they are juicy and delicious. However, when you are in China, you must think twice about popping something raspberry-like into your mouth. What you see in this image is a living creature or bug that looks like a raspberry.

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These bugs are found all around China, which is why no matter where you are, you might run into one of these. They look like a raspberry walking and going different places. Maybe the raspberry mutated, developed consciousness and turned into one of these bugs that spread all over China.

Deepest Deepwater Indoor Pool

Do you love indoor pools, and have you always wanted to know which indoor pool is the deepest? Well, let us make your wishes come true with Nemo 33 in Brussels, and it has a depth of more than 108 feet. At first, we could not understand where the pool begins and ends because of the depth.

So, if you want to swim in this indoor pool, you will require a fantastic pair of flippers and a scuba diving set. After that, you can begin exploring the pool and go as deep as you like. The pool looks straight out of a horror movie.

Thousands Of Birds!

Yes, this is a real picture, and it is from a blackbird infestation that took over the city of Rome one fine evening. You can’t even see the sky because birds blanket the entire sky, and it looks bizarre. Fortunately, most of the people are in their cars and safe from these birds.

The picture represents our worst nightmare, and we are glad we were not here when this took place. It looks right out of a horror movie about birds taking over the world. Who knows, maybe one day birds will rule, and we will be their subjects.

Haunting Of The Sheep

Sheep are one of the cutest animals because they are wooly, adorable, and lovable. If you think this way too, this image might ruin sheep for you because these ones are here to haunt you for life. Of course, they look creepy because night photography is not ideal for animals.

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The pitch dark night reveals their flashy eyes that will peer into your soul and might rip it apart. If you count sheep at night to fall asleep in peace, we are sure you will never want to count sheep again. After all, these eyes will stay with you for a while. 

The Cellar Spider Camp

Imagine you go camping, you sleep in your tent after a tiring day, and you wake up with the sight of these cellar spiders piled on top of your tent. If that is the first thing we saw after waking up, we would have a heart attack. We wonder how they got there and why they chose this tent to camp.

At least the spiders did not get inside the tent and set up camp there. That would have been an even worse situation, and who knows what would have happened. So, next time you go camping, look around twice.

The Modern Hiking Solution

Hiking a mountain is one of the most tiring things because you need a lot of effort and stamina to go uphill. However, the problem is easily solved by creating a spiral staircase around the mountain to take you to the top. You are looking at the Taihang Mountains of China that have 300 feet of spiral steps.

While these steps look less exhausting than the mountain, we are unsure of its safety. After all, the bars are low, and you might get dizzy spiraling up the mountain. These stairs are only for the brave at heart.

It’s Raining Frogs

We don’t know how this happened or what took place here, but we know we don’t want to experience this. Imagine coming out of your house and looking at frogs in this way. They look like they are waiting for their frog god or doing some ritual because they are not moving a muscle.

We want to know so much about this picture, but we guess some things are better left unexplained. The most unusual part is that the frogs are not moving even with the photographer present. That is why the picture sparks our curiosity even further.

The Creepy Pomegranate

You might be wondering how this is possible and if the pomegranate has such teeth in reality. These are white seeds, and they are supposed to be red, but their outward exposure has created a teeth-like appearance. After looking at this picture, we will think twice about consuming a pomegranate.

The one in the image looks like it will take revenge on you or come to life in the night to attack. We are not a fan of whatever made this happen, and we will never look at them the same way again. You must stay away from this evil pomegranate.

The Spotty Clear Quartz

Are you looking at this picture and wondering if the clear quartz has spiders trapped inside? Well, we thought these were spiders too, but these are Mannardite phantoms. The phenomenon causes these black spots inside the clear quartz, making them look more beautiful than ever. Only some quartz’ have this unique quality.

The Mannardite phantoms are present in many sizes and shapes as they vary between each crystal. Sometimes they are large and look in unison, unlike these small ones. We would love to have a collection of these crystals at home because they look unique and stunning.

The Ghost Beach Ritual

Imagine going to the beach at night for a peaceful stroll, and you encounter an army of beach ghosts waiting for your arrival. We would jump out of our skin and go back to our homes. Of course, these are not beach ghosts but closed umbrellas.

The way they are lined up gives major creepy vibes, and the lights from behind are not helping either. That is why you must never go alone to the beach at night because who knows what you might encounter. Of course, most things are harmless and optical illusions scaring us for no reason.

The Biggest Eagle

One look at this picture, and you will be wondering if the eagle is peering into your soul. However, it is looking at you like this so you can stay away from it at all costs. What you are looking at is a harpy eagle, the largest eagle in the world.

The eagle has a wingspan of over seven feet, and its deadly gaze will have you questioning your reality. After looking at its vast size, you will also wonder if it is a human dressed as a bird. It is one eagle we hope that never crosses our path.


Using an escalator is always risky because you have to be careful when getting off as your foot might get stuck inside. That would have happened to the person whose slipper these are if he wasn’t wearing these flip-flops. So, the right shoes can make all the difference on a bad day.

At least the man was safe, even if he roamed around with one shoe all day. We are sure he got many stares right after this picture as he walked with one flip-flop. That is why you must never judge a book by its cover.

The Spider-Monster

At first glance, you might be wondering this is a unique spider with incredibly long legs. However, it is nothing close to a spider because you are looking at a bag of potatoes. Unfortunately, the potatoes were left unattended for far too long, and they took over the kitchen.

These long legs are the roots of potatoes that have spread out for the kitchen. So, if you plan on going somewhere for months, be sure to give your bag of potatoes to someone else so they can use them. After all, you don’t want to come back home to a potato takeover.

The Bird Parade

Yes, there are birds lined up in the middle of the night for some secret meeting that the photographer stumbled upon. The photo is unexplainable because we have no idea what is going on. We can only conjecture that these birds are part of some ritual taking place on this road.

They are all facing the same direction, and birds are supposed to be asleep at this late hour of the night. We guess the parking lot is also empty because no one wanted to bother the birds. They are awfully still and laser-focused in the same direction.

Don’t Play There, Kids

We just hope that this playground on the roof is a joke and no one uses it because it is seriously lethal. We don’t know how it got there and why it is there, but it alerts all the danger cords inside our bodies. After all, the roof is no place for a playground or a slide set.

Another thing we want to know is how that playground set got up there. Hopefully, the building and the playground are not in use. Whoever owns this building needs to get this safety hazard off the roof as soon as possible.

The Human Roof

We don’t understand if this was intentional or if the roof accidentally looks like this, but it gives us major creepy vibes. While all the roof features are perfect, the lady could use a nose to complete the face. It looks like the roof will talk any second and tell us all that goes in the house.

The image looks even more bizarre when it is nighttime, and the lights are flashing from these spaces. We certainly would not want to encounter this creepy roof during our strolls, be it night or day. Points for creativity to whoever made this.

Spider In The Lamp

If we saw this inside our lamp, we would take the lamp and throw it far, far away from our house. However, shadows are deceiving, and sometimes things are not what they look like. What looks like a spider is just the lamp’s shade, and it is not there to harm you.

So, the next time you see the shadow of something creepy, be sure to look twice. Such things are harmless and only deceive our eyes most of the time. After all, you don’t want to throw away a perfectly good lamp because of some unusual shadow and light play.

The Mysterious Cabbage Patch

At first glance, you might be wondering what is even in this picture, so let us explain you. The image includes a cabbage patch, but the cabbages are incredibly wrong because of their appearance. They look like some extraterrestrial cabbages or unusual egg-shaped substances that came out of the ground.

However, these are just cabbages, and the question we have is if they are growing uniquely or are they just rotting? If they are spoiling, someone should take care of them or remove them from the patch because they can scare passersby. We wouldn’t want to come near it.

Cry For Help

Not everyone cries for help in the same way. Some people scream, shout, or cry while robots write it out for you so you can help them. The oven is asking for help, but we are not sure why because it looks perfectly fine from the outside.

That is how machines will talk and communicate with us in the future, and this oven is letting us know the future of machines. However, we might need their help more often than the other way round. We hope the oven received the help it needed to function properly and fulfill its purpose.

The Woman And The Red Ghost

In the world of photography, timing is the most important thing because it can change everything. What looks like a ghost to you is just a woman hanging her red bedsheet from the balcony. Of course, the timing is such that the bedsheet seems like a ghost at this exact moment.

The neighbors probably got scared after looking at this because maybe a ghost was there at the time, and the bedsheet is in its shape. The photographer also had a scare after this, most likely. The woman does not even know that her bedsheet looks like a ghost.

The Stairs That Lead To The Abyss

After looking at this, we have so many questions after looking at this because who would want to create a stairwell next to the toilet. The stairs don’t even lead anywhere as there is no purpose in creating them. Maybe they lead to a deep and dark abyss we don’t know about.

So many questions that will go unanswered after looking at this picture. We also wonder if there is a door at the end of the stairwell that leads somewhere, even if it is a dead-end. Whoever has this in their home, please contact us because we need answers.

The Screaming Roof Console

After looking at this image, you can check off looking at a shocked roof console from your bucket list. We don’t know if the roof console fell accidentally with this shock on its face or if the passenger is more shocked after experiencing this. However, we are taken aback by the look of innocence on its face despite the shock.

If the roof console fell on us like this, we would scream and find it adorable. The roof console is the modern rendition of the screaming man painting. This is the art of the 21st century.

The Big-Nosed Monkey

Monkeys are one of the most intelligent animals that come in various sizes, shapes, and many other features. According to us, the most unique monkey is the one in the image, the Proboscis monkey. It has an extraordinary nose you will not find on any other monkey in the wild.

We wonder what the purpose of this nose is because there must be a reason why it looks like this. Of course, this monkey’s other unique and noticeable features include the mane and fantastic hair. We are tempted to ask what conditioner this monkey uses.

The Maps With Something To Hide

You might be confused about what these maps are trying to indicate, so let us offer you some context for it. The image is of concern because it correlates closely with many mysterious disappearances and America’s most extensive cave systems. Don’t even think about what might be going on in these caves unless you want to feel bad.

However, these maps might not be a coincidence because no one can paint such a close picture of these disappearances. Maybe it is time the map is investigated, and people try to understand what is going on. Such coincidences are implausible.

The Macho Turtle

Were you expecting guests for your brunch but ended up with a turtle breaking into your house instead? Maybe this one is a long-lost cousin of one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles because it seems to have their strength. Of course, you must not worry because turtles are harmless.

We wonder how this turtle ended up here and why it is not in its natural habitat. We hope the owners disposed of the turtle and put him back where he belongs. After all, turtles don’t belong in homes like this as it is not natural for them.

A Portal In The Sky

If you are looking for a portal in the sky to travel to the dreamy sky blues, this is it. The fluffy shaped clouds open a portal to you to be mesmerized by the fantastic blues. However, it might be the case that some celestial beings opened these clouds to look at what was going on.

Whatever the reason is, we are in love with this picture because it offers an aesthetic sense like no other. We wonder where this took place and if that portal got covered with clouds later. Nature is a work of art we will never understand.

The Defensive Tree

If you have never seen a defensive tree, here is one you will probably never witness. Regardless, you must always be careful in the forest and take a good look at the tree before touching it. After all, you don’t want to be covered in bruises from such spikes.

The reason these spikes are there is that the predators can stay away from the tree. In addition, the spikes protect the beautiful pink flowers that grow on the branches from predators. It is magnificent how nature has its own consciousness and creates defenses to protect whatever it produces.

Run, The Sea Monsters Are Here

If we were swimming in the sea and saw this, we would run for our lives because we don’t want to be close to any sea monsters. Fortunately, seaweed has infested these waters, not any monsters. Of course, we also would not want to swim in such waters because seaweed is unpleasant.

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The seaweed has grown too much, and now it has taken over the waters. Would you be comfortable swimming in such waters, or would you want to run away? We will be the latter because we don’t like monsters or seaweed in the ocean. 

The Waiting Intruder

If you want to do a scary prank on someone, this is one of the best pranks you can do that might give them a mini heart attack. Of course, what has happened in the picture is an accident and not a prank. Someone left their boots outside at night, making it look like an intruder was waiting for them.

On the other hand, if you live alone, be sure to get your boots inside the house, so you don’t wake up scared. It will help you avoid unnecessary scares. You can also place them in a friend’s home who lives alone to prank them.

The Dew-Covered Ladybug

We are sure you have seen many ladybugs, but have you ever seen one covered in dew? If you haven’t, today is your lucky day because we present to you a dew-covered ladybug. If you saw this outside in the morning, you might think it is a beautiful beaded object from afar.

It is one of the most bizarre yet unique things we have seen today. On the other hand, if you are interested in making jewelry, you must opt for this design. It will be a hit, and everyone will love such a shiny and bright beaded red ladybug.

The Storm Apocalypse

Do not even try to get close, turn around, and leave if you want to save your life. This surreal image looks like a storm apocalypse is about to take over the town and ruin lives. However, it includes some clear skies on the right you can turn to and seek shelter.

On the other hand, if the clouds move in that direction, the whole place will become a disaster zone in no time. So, if you are looking for a sign to abort the mission, this is it. We just hope that everyone is safe and sound wherever this took place.