Zodiac Signs And Dogs: The Perfect Pairs For Each Sign

Dogs are one of the best furry companions to have. They are loyal, protective, and always up for playing with you no matter what. According to many studies, pets also help improve the emotional and mental well-being of the owners.

However, you must choose your pet, depending on your zodiac sign when it comes to astrology. That is because your traits must complement well with the personality traits of your dog. So, if you are looking for the best dog for your zodiac sign, you are in the right place.

Here is a complete guide to the dogs that suit each zodiac sign.

1. Aquarius: Siberian Husky – High Compatibility

close-up photography black and white Siberian husky

The Siberian Husky is one of the best breeds for an Aquarius, but you must remember that the breed can be challenging to handle sometimes. Like the Aquarius sign, a Siberian Husky is also an independent being that needs to be outdoors and explore. Besides that, the breed loves to stimulate its intellect with new challenges.

If you don’t provide this intellectual stimulation to your Siberian Husky, it will get bored and start causing destruction. After all, you require intellectual stimulation, too, and the dog breed reflects your traits. That is why a Siberian Husky will be your perfect companion, as you will understand his needs well.

2. Aquarius: Bergamasco Sheepdog – Medium-High Compatibility

Dog Dogshow Brown - Free photo on Pixabay

An Aquarius is a unique and original thinker, which is why the Bergamasco Sheepdog is another perfect companion. Bergamascos are intelligent and can solve any challenging problem in no time. Because of this, you must also offer the furry companion a lot of mental stimulation.

The best part about a Bergamasco is the loving nature that it has towards its owners. You will form a close bond with the dog, and so will your family. However, it will take you some time to build a solid relationship with this breed as they take time to let people in and form bonds.

3. Aquarius: Golden Retrievers – Medium Compatibility

Best 500+ Golden Retriever Puppy Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash

If you are an energetic Aquarius who loves to stay active, you will do best with a Golden Retriever. These dogs are always fun to have around, and they love to serve other people. Because of these traits, you will have a fun and close bond with your furry companion.

The Golden Retriever will appeal to your humanitarian side as they are one of the best therapy dogs. Whenever you need to cheer up, your Goldie will always be there to serve you. So, if you want such emotional support, you will do well by adopting a Golden Retriever.

4. Aquarius: Cardigan Welsh Corgi – Average Compatibility

Welsh Corgi Pembroke Sight - Free photo on Pixabay

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is an utterly devoted dog who will be one of your most loyal companions. They love to run, and they will match your physical energy by always being active. However, you have to socialize this breed well, or it will not get along with other humans or animals outdoors.

Besides that, if you have a family, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi will be an excellent breed as it is great with kids. So, if you want an energetic dog that you don’t mind training, it is an ideal companion. However, it might not gel well with all Aquarius.

5. Pisces: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – High Compatibility

long-coated tan and white dog

The Cavalier King Spaniel is an ideal match for Pisces because they like spending time alone, just like their human companion. Besides that, the breed is also just as sensitive and caring as Pisces. If you want to spend time alone away from people, the dog breed will be a perfect companion for you.

It will want to spend time with you whenever you need it, which is why it is the ideal companion. The best part is that the Cavalier King Spaniel is incredibly friendly. So, no matter what mood you are in, it will always be around to put a smile on your face.

6. Pisces: Saint Bernards – Medium-High Compatibility

Saint Bernard Dog Animals - Free photo on Pixabay

Did you know why people bred Saint Bernards hundreds of years ago? It was because this breed was perfect for rescuing travelers that were lost. That is why you will find that Saint Bernards are one of the most selfless dog breeds out there, and they are always willing to help.

Because of this selfless trait, Saint Bernards are an ideal companion for Pisces. Both of you are devoted, loyal, and will do anything for the people you love, no matter what. Yes, Saint Bernards can grow to a huge size, but from the inside, they are just a gentle and docile as a Pisces.

7. Pisces: Chihuahuas – Medium Compatibility

Dog Chihuahua Long Hair White - Free photo on Pixabay

Many people think of Chihuahuas as devil dogs, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Chihuahuas are just as empathetic and devoted as Pisces, which is why they can form a close bond together. The dog breed can sense your emotions and always offer you comfort whenever you feel sad or down.

However, it is crucial to communicate well with your Chihuahuas and understand their cues. Once you have the communication down, you can easily form a bond that will last for years. The best way to do this is to spend some quality one-on-one time with your dog.

8. Pisces: Weimaraner – Average Compatibility

Weimaraner Dog Young - Free photo on Pixabay

The Weimaraner is not a popular dog, but it is one of the most compassionate ones you will find. The warm and friendly personality is one of the reasons why it will make a great companion for Pisces. However, it will require your time and attention as it will need lots of quality time with you to thrive.

Another thing you must keep in mind is that a Weimaraner requires lots of exercise and mental stimulation. If you fail to fulfill this need of the dog breed, it will become anxious and easily upset. So, be sure to follow these guidelines.

9. Aries: Labrador Retriever – High Compatibility

adult yellow Labrador retriever

Aries is a stubborn sign, and the only dog breed that can melt away its stubbornness is a Labrador Retriever. They are the perfect opposing human and dog pair that will teach each other how to be better. With a Labrador Retriever, Aries will become more loving and caring.

Besides that, Aries are incredibly passionate when it comes to their family and the people they love. In the same way, a Labrador Retriever is also a protective dog that will do anything for its owner. If you are an Aries with a family, this dog breed will be the perfect loyal companion.

10. Aries: Shetland Sheepdog – Medium-High Compatibility

Dog Female Shetland Sheepdog - Free photo on Pixabay

Do you want your dog to keep you on your toes all the time? If you do, then you must not look further than the Shetland Sheepdog. The breed is active, playful, and has a quick mind that you will need to match if you want to keep up with it.

As an Aries, it embodies the same qualities as you, but the Shetland has a more gentle nature. That is why it will give you affection when you need it the most and balance out your stubborn side. Besides that, it can also be a fantastic watchdog for you.

11. Aries: Doberman Pinscher – Medium Compatibility

Doberman Pinscher Dobermann Dog - Free photo on Pixabay

One of the bravest souls in the zodiac signs is Aries, and the same is true for a Doberman Pinscher. The dog breed is brave, alert, strong, and powerful, which is why it will make an excellent companion for Aries. The breed will offer you and your family the protection it needs from strangers.

Aries and Doberman’s are born with confidence and strength, which is why this breed is ideal for the passionate Aries. The best part is that a Doberman will also be passionate about spending quality time with you. That is why you must give it the attention it requires.

12. Aries: Portuguese Water Dog – Average Compatibility

Dog Portuguese Water Pet - Free photo on Pixabay

The Portuguese Water Dog is a breed with lots of energy, which is why it is the perfect companion for you. The dog is eager to please its owner, and it is a breeze to train. However, it also has the mental and physical stamina to keep up with you.

As the name suggests, the Portuguese Water Dog is ideal for someone with an aquatic lifestyle. That is why if you are an Aries fisherman, this dog breed will be one of the best aides you can have. You can count on it to always help you out in no time.

13. Taurus: German Shepherd – High Compatibility


Taurus is one of the best zodiac signs as they are honest, loyal, caring, thoughtful, and completely devoted to the people they love. A German Shepherd embodies the same qualities, which is why they are a perfect companion for Taurus. The dog breed will always stick by your side and be a constant support.

The best part is that German Shepherds have protective instincts because they are guard dogs. Because of this, they will also help you with all your tasks and stick to your side no matter what. If you want the most reliable dog breed, it doesn’t get better than a German Shepherd.

14. Taurus: Boxer – Medium-High Compatibility

Boxer Dog - Free photo on Pixabay

If there is one thing that Taurus loves, it is children, and the same stands true for Boxers. These dogs are playful, protective, patient, and will be the perfect companion for you and your kids. The breed takes the job of guarding the family seriously and will never let harm come to you.

Boxers are ideal long-term companions for a Taurus and its family because they are loyal to the core. If you are a Taurus with a family and need a devoted furry companion, there is no better option than Boxers. You will love their loyalty and companionship.

15. Taurus: Afghan Hounds – Medium Compatibility

Afghan Greyhound Hound - Free photo on Pixabay

One of the most common traits in all Taurus signs is that they love beauty. If you are the same, an Afghan Hound will be the perfect companion for you because of its striking beauty. However, there is more to the Afghan Hounds than just their appearance and good looks.

Just like you, the Afghan Hound is loyal but aloof. Both of you will need time to build trust and work on your connection with one another. Once you do, the Afghan Hound will be a loyal, long-term companion for you who will always have your back no matter what.

16. Taurus: Great Dane – Average Compatibility

Great Dane Portrait - Free photo on Pixabay

Dogs are known for being one of the most loyal companions known to man. However, when it comes to the Great Dane, no other dog breed can match its loyalty and devotion to its owner. Once you have a Great Dane, it will be your companion for life no matter what happens.

Keep in mind that Great Danes are easygoing, but they can also be imposing. One way to take care of this is to spend quality time with your dog so they can be less imposing towards you. When you do, the Great Dane will become even more loyal and loving.

17. Gemini: American Pit Bull Terrier – High Compatibility

shadow depth of field photography if American pit bull terrier

Gemini is the sign of the twins, which means they have two sides and need a furry companion that can match both. That is why an American Pit Bull Terrier will prove to be a fantastic companion for the Gemini. Yes, Pit Bulls have a bad reputation, but they are misunderstood and can be one of the best dogs if you train them right.

The serious side of the Gemini is reflected in the Pit Bull’s protective side, as it will do anything for its owners. On the other hand, the fun side of a Gemini is reflected in the cuddly and sweet nature of the Pit Bull.

18. Gemini: Parson Russell Terrier – Medium-High Compatibility

Parson Russell Terrier Dog - Free photo on Pixabay

Just like the Gemini sign, Parson Russell Terriers are known for their tough personality and adorable appearance. When they are outdoors, the Parson Russell Terrier will always be on the hunt, but they will be affectionate and caring when they are at home. That is why the dog breed will appeal the most to a Gemini.

The Parson Russell Terriers are friendly, outgoing, and will love to spend time with you. So, if you want a dog that embodies the same traits as you, you must get a Parson Russell Terrier. You will enjoy its companionship for a long time to come.

19. Gemini: Bichon Frise – Medium Compatibility

Dog Bichon Frise Animal - Free photo on Pixabay

If you want a dog that is always curious and full of energy, then you will love to have a Bichon Frise around. These dogs are always ready for an adventure, just like you, and you will match each other’s energy. After all, a calm and docile dog is not the ideal companion for your traits.

Of course, the best part of a Bichon Frise is that it is adorable and always ready to cuddle. So, when you are not in the mood for adventure and want to spend some downtime, it will be a perfect companion for that too.

20. Gemini: Bearded Collie – Average Compatibility

Dog Bearded Collie - Free photo on Pixabay

A Bearded Collie is another perfect match for a Gemini because they are also energetic and playful like you. It is active enough to keep you busy at all times, so you will have to match its active energy. However, you must remember that the Bearded Collie is also a willful breed.

So, there will be some drama when it comes to training it, and you will have to be firm with it. But, once you get past the training stage, it will be a great and loyal companion to you for a long time to come.

21. Cancer: Old English Sheepdog – High Compatibility


Cancers are known for their compassion and being one of the kindest souls you will find. That is why an Old English Sheepdog is the perfect companion for Cancers because they are playful, caring, sweet, and much more. Having such a dog breed will bring out the sensitive and charming part of Cancer even further.

The Old English Sheepdog will give a Cancer the love and care that they give everyone else. So, if you are a loving Cancer, the breed will help you feel better when you need it the most. The breed will be like an emotional support blanket you need.

22. Cancer: Rottweiler – Medium-High Compatibility

Rottweiler Dog Mammal - Free photo on Pixabay

Rottweiler’s have been protectors since birth, which is why they are the perfect alert and vigilant dogs for a Cancer sign. However, you must remember that the breed can be aloof and confident when it comes to outsiders. So, of course, a Rottweiler will be an alert yet compassionate companion when it comes to their home and owner.

Like the Cancer sign, a Rottweiler will form a deep connection to the humans they are close to. So, if you want a calm and compassionate guard dog, it doesn’t get better than the Rottweiler. You will be two peas in a pod in no time.

23. Cancer: Dandie Dinmont Terrier – Medium Compatibility

File:Dandie Dinmont Terrier mustard 2.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

A few traits common in the Cancer zodiac sign are that they are sensitive, caring, and intuitive. That is why you will love the Dandie Dinmont Terrier as they are just as caring and love children. The dog breed loves to snuggle with the children and play with them.

So, if you have a family, you must get the Dandie Dinmont Terrier as it will prove to be the ideal family dog. They also make excellent watchdogs and will not let any harm come to you or your children. Both you and the Terrier share the same values and spirit.

24. Cancer: Greyhound – Average Compatibility

Greyhound Sight Hound Dog Retired - Free photo on Pixabay

Cancers like to have devotion and commitment when it comes to relationships, which is what the Greyhound provides. That is why a Greyhound will make the perfect Cancer companion, as they will always stay loyal and devoted to you. The dog breed is the noblest yet gentle one out there.

So, all the love you give to your Greyhound, you will receive tenfolds of it back. So, if you need someone to match your loving energy, you must get a Greyhound. It is also the perfect dog if you have a family because it will be incredibly gentle with kids.

25. Leo: Border Collie – High Compatibility

long-coated black and white dog during daytime

If there is a sign of passion among the zodiac signs, it is Leo. They are fierce, competitive, always on the move, and passionate. The only dog that can keep up with the fire of the Leo is a Border Collie, which is why they are a perfect furry companion for a Leo.

The Border Collie is social, energetic, fierce, and it will require frequent exercise to channel its energy. Besides that, a Border Collie loves a challenge just like a Leo and will love it when you give tasks. So, if you are a Leo looking for an active dog breed, a Border Collie is perfect.

26. Leo: Pugs – Medium-High Compatibility

Pug Meadow - Free photo on Pixabay

Don’t be fooled by a Pug’s size because they are the most cheerful companions you will find. Pugs are funny, and they have the heart of a joker. That is because the dog breed loves life just like the Leo human, which is why you will make fantastic companions.

The funny yet adorable expressions of a Pug will warm your heart and make you feel all fuzzy inside. Leo’s require this love to tame the fierceness and fire inside them. However, a Pug will match your fierce energy, too, as they are incredibly confident and lively.

27. Leo: Chow Chow – Medium Compatibility

Chow Chow-Chow - Free photo on Pixabay

The Chow Chow looks like a lion, which is why it is the ideal match for Leo. But, just like a lion, a Chow Chow is also regal, dignified, and self-confident. Because of these traits, you and the Chow Chow will get along well, and they will be a perfect furry companion for you.

The dog breed will always be ready to play with you and offer you the companionship you need when you are tired of being the king of the jungle. The best part about a Chow Chow is that they are big and furry, making them the perfect cuddle partner.

28. Leo: Mastiff – Average Compatibility

French Mastiff Dog Snow Dogue De - Free photo on Pixabay

Leos are famous for having the most courage among all the zodiac signs, which is why they need a Mastiff in their life. The dog breed is bold and brave like you and will always be alert. Besides that, it will go to lengths to protect its human companion.

The Mastiff is incredibly muscular with a strong build that makes it powerful, but at the same time, it is gentle with its owner. If you want a dog breed to love and protect you simultaneously, you must get the Mastiff. Both of you share the same courageous spirit.

29. Virgo: Dachshund – High Compatibility

black and tan short coat medium sized dog

If there is one thing that the Virgo sign is known for, it is solving complex problems in no time. A Dachshund is an intelligent dog who will also match the intellect of the Virgo sign and be the perfect companion. The dog breed is active and excellent at figuring out complex tasks and problems.

Of course, the best part about the Dachshund is that it is utterly loyal to its owner. However, you must remember that the breed can be stubborn, which is why you will have to train it right. Once you do, it will be the perfect companion for you.

30. Virgo: Briard – Medium-High Compatibility

Dog Face Head Tibetan - Free photo on Pixabay

If one thing inspires the Virgo zodiac sign, it is beauty, which is why the stunning Briard will be a great companion. Of course, another trait of Virgo is that they love solving challenging problems. The same is true for a Briard because they are an incredibly intelligent dog breed.

The Briard is shy when it comes to meeting people, but it is nothing but loving with its owners. You also have the same shy nature, and you can understand each other. So, if you want a dog breed that embodies the same qualities as you, then you must get a Briard.

31. Virgo: Bloodhound – Medium Compatibility

Bloodhound Black Tan - Free photo on Pixabay

If you are a Virgo that pays attention to the smallest details, you will love to have a Bloodhound as a companion. When the Bloodhound is following a scent trail, it will pay attention to the smallest of details. That is why it is an excellent dog for any detail-oriented person.

However, Virgos also have a need to serve others, and so does the Bloodhound. The dog breed is used by many search and rescue parties because of its servitude and attention to detail. Bloodhounds may have a tough exterior, but they will always be ready to spend time with you.

32. Virgo: Pointer – Average Compatibility

English Pointer Dog - Free photo on Pixabay

A few qualities that a Virgo possesses are analytical, hardworking, and sensitive. A dog breed that possesses the same traits is the Pointer, a reflection of the Virgo sign. That is why both of these will make the ideal companions as they will understand one another.

The Pointer is powerful, strong, quick, and graceful. However, the dog breed has an inner sensitivity and vulnerability that only a Virgo can relate to because they are the same. So, if you want a loyal companion who holds the same values as you, then you must get a Pointer as your new furry companion.

33. Libra: Bernese Mountain Dog – High Compatibility

close-up photography of adult Bernese mountain dog

Libras are one of the most harmonious signs of the zodiac as they don’t like conflict and will always keep the peace. That is why the zodiac sign needs a dog that is also of a similar nature. A Bernese Mountain Dog will prove to be the ideal companion because they are also gentle and sweet.

The best part is that the dog breed will be a caring companion in winter and keep you warm with its cuddles. So, if you want a peaceful and docile dog, you must get this dog breed. Once you do, you will love the peaceful nature.

34. Libra: Pomeranian – Medium-High Compatibility

Pomeranian Dog Pet - Free photo on Pixabay

Libras are friendly and sociable, which is why they always want the company of other people. A Pomeranian is a perfect companion because it will provide the Libra sign with the company it needs at all times. The social nature of the Pomeranian will also be ideal for Libras as they can take the dog with them.

Of course, the best part is that Poms are also intellectual and have a loyal nature. These qualities are perfect for a Libra zodiac sign as they will love to have such a furry companion. Poms are also easy to train as they are eager to please.

35. Libra: Whippet – Medium Compatibility

Whippet Hound Dog - Free photo on Pixabay

Libras are a sign of justice and balance, which is the Whippet dog breed can be a perfect match for the sign. These dogs will shower you with bursts of energy, and they will not want to be disturbed for hours as they relax. Whippets also share the same sense of loyalty as Libras.

So, if you want a balanced dog with a gentle soul but will always be alert when need be, you will do well with the Whippet. They are one of the most devoted dog breeds you will ever find that will always want to spend with you.

36. Libra: Shih Tzu – Average Compatibility

Dog Shih Tzu Cute - Free photo on Pixabay

The peace-loving Libra will pair well with the docile and pleasant Shih Tzu. The best part about this breed is that it treats its owners like loyalty and is always eager to please. Shih Tzu’s also don’t take long to train, and they will offer you the balance you seek in life.

The dog breed is also affectionate, sweet, and will always be ready to shower you with love. So, if you want an adorable pet, there is no better option than the Shih Tzu. Once you have a Shih Tzu in your life, you will become companions in no time.

37. Scorpio: Rhodesian Ridgeback – High Compatibility

brown dog lying on area rug

If there is one zodiac sign you must never mess with, it is Scorpio, and the same goes for Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Scorpios are compassionate, loyal, loving, and stubborn, which are the same traits of a Rhodesian Ridgeback. This dog breed will be the best friend a Scorpio never had.

So, if you want a dog to match your traits and be loyal to you forever, it doesn’t get better than the Rhodesian Ridgeback. However, you must be careful not to mess with them because they can get aggressive when threatened. Of course, to its owner, it will be a loyal companion.

38. Scorpio: Great Pyrenees – Medium-High Compatibility

Great Pyrenees White - Free photo on Pixabay

When it comes to making a statement, no zodiac sign does it better than a Scorpio as soon as they walk into a room. That is why the Great Pyrenees will be an ideal match for them. The dog breeds are always on the prowl and will deter any predators that come near.

However, despite its tough nature, the Great Pyrenees is also caring and dedicated towards its owners. The dog breed is loyal, brave, devoted, and will make a calm companion for your fierce personality. The Great Pyrenees will restore a balance to your personality that you don’t know you need.

39. Scorpio: Schipperke – Medium Compatibility

Dog Black Peak - Free photo on Pixabay

Scorpio is one of the zodiac’s most intense signs, and the same is true for Schipperkes. That is why they will be a perfect pair because both of them are fierce, curious, mysterious, and intense. No other dog will ever match the passion and intensity of Scorpio better than this one.

However, you must remember that a Schipperke is independent and can be challenging to train. Of course, this will not be a problem for a Scorpio who is assertive and dedicated. Once you learn how to train this breed, you and the Schipperke will be life-long companions in no time.

40. Scorpio: Dalmatian – Average Compatibility

Dalmatian Dog Animal - Free photo on Pixabay

The driven, passionate, and competitive nature of a Scorpio will be well-matched by a Dalmatian. The dog breed is outgoing, active, and has lots of physical energy to channel and dispel. Sometimes, the Scorpio will find it challenging to keep up with this dog breed because of its high energy levels.

However, it is a fun, loving, and caring breed that will look out for its owners and family. Of course, you must have the stamina to keep up with the Dalmatian as it will need lots of physical stimulation such as exercise and running. Only then will the breed be at its best.

41. Sagittarius: French Bulldog – High Compatibility

black pug puppy lying on floor

The most flexible zodiac sign is the Sagittarius, as it is always ready to go anywhere. You can find the same trait in a French Bulldog because it is always prepared to leave at a moment’s notice. If you are always ready for an adventure, the French Bulldog is the perfect furry companion for you.

These dogs are adventurous, friendly, and keen, making them ideal for trips, traveling, and any other adventure. If you want a dog breed that is just as easy-going as you, a French Bulldog is ideal. You will love to have the dog around as it will always be there no matter where you go.

42. Sagittarius: Beagle – Medium-High Compatibility

Beagle Dog Puppy - Free photo on Pixabay

If you don’t know already, a Beagle loves to follow his nose, which is why they will make the perfect companion for a wandering Sagittarius. The dog breed shares your curiosity, bubbly personality, and sense of humor. You can take them with you anywhere you like as they are always ready for new things.

So, if you are an extroverted Sagittarius, you will love having a Beagle as a companion. Both of you will have lots of adventures together that you will remember for a long time to come. Get a Beagle and see how much more fun life becomes.

43. Sagittarius: Airedale Terrier – Medium Compatibility

Dog Airedale Terrier Domestic - Free photo on Pixabay

Sagittarius signs that fall towards the energetic spectrum will always be enthusiastic. If you are the same, you will do well with an Airedale Terrier as they love engaging in many activities. These dogs love to have outdoor adventures, which is why they can make the perfect traveling companion.

Airedale Terriers have an athletic build and can easily take part in any dog sport. However, the breed also has a loving, fun, and friendly personality that will warm your heart whenever you need it the most. So, if you want a balanced furry companion, you must get the Airedale Terrier.

44. Sagittarius: Lhasa Apso – Medium Compatibility

Noddy Lhasa Apso Cute Puppy - Free photo on Pixabay

If you are a Sagittarius zodiac sign with a great sense of humor, you will hit it off best with a Lhasa Apso. This dog breed will always offer you laughs with its mischievous and loving personality. You will notice that a Lhasa Apso loves being the center of attention, but it also loves keeping a little mystery.

So, if you think you have it all figured out, a Lhasa Apso will always surprise you with its personality. If you want a fun dog to make you laugh all the time, there is no better breed than the Lhasa Apso.

45. Capricorn: Poodle – High Compatibility

shallow focus photography of brown dog

Capricorns are intelligent, stubborn, and unique, which is why the dog breed they own must have the same traits. That is where a Poodle comes in, as it will prove to be one of the best furry companions for a Capricorn. Poodles may look like a toy, but they are one of the most intelligent dog breeds you will find.

However, just like the Capricorn, a Poodle is also stubborn, which is why it will take you some time to train it properly. Once you get past this, you and your Poodle will be best friends in no time.

46. Capricorn: Pekingese – Medium-High Compatibility

Pekingese Dogs Cute - Free photo on Pixabay

An orthodox or conventional Capricorn will love to have a Pekingese around as their furry companion. These dogs have a long history as they were the companions of the emperors of Ancient China. The Pekingese is just as independent as the Capricorn, but it is also utterly loyal and loving.

A loyal Capricorn will also appreciate these qualities and return the same love and loyalty to the Pekingese. So, if you want a regal dog as your furry companion, you must get a Pekingese. Both of you embody the same qualities to live in peace and harmony for a long time.

47. Capricorn: Giant Schnauzer – Medium Compatibility

Dog Pet Animal Giant - Free photo on Pixabay

Almost all Capricons have disciple and self-control, which is why a Giant Schnauzer can also be an ideal match for them. The dog breed is intelligent, but it can be challenging to train. That is why a disciplined Capricorn is perfect as it will instill the same qualities in their furry companion.

Of course, the best part about a Giant Schnauzer is that they take their life as seriously as a Capricorn. Because of this, the dog breed is incredibly loyal and will also make a fantastic guard dog. So, transform your life with a lovable yet protective Giant Schnauzer.

48. Capricorn: Shiba Inu – Average Compatibility

Dog Shiba Relax - Free photo on Pixabay

Only a dependable dog will prove to be an excellent companion when it comes to the Capricorn zodiac sign. That is where the Shiba Inu comes in, as it is one of the most reliable dog breeds you will ever find. They are just as loyal and reliable as the Capricorn zodiac sign.

Keep in mind that the Shiba Inu is a Japanese breed that dates back to ancient times. Because of this long history, the breed has a good nature, is attentive, and adapts to any environment. These are the qualities that will do well with a Capricorn zodiac sign.

49. Bonus Entry For All Zodiac Signs: Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier Pets Dog - Free photo on Pixabay

A Boston Terrier is one of the most outgoing and friendly dogs, which is why they will gel well with all zodiac signs. The dog breed is always the life of the party and will ensure everyone around them is energetic. Boston Terriers also have a positive outlook on life that everyone needs.

So, if you are looking for an energetic dog that will always be there to cheer you up, the Boston Terrier is a perfect choice. These dogs will adapt to anything and will always make you laugh. Of course, you have to match their energy to be compatible with them.

50. Bonus Entry For All Zodiac Signs: Chinese Shar-Pei

Dog Fold Shar Pei - Free photo on Pixabay

The Chinese Shar-Pei embodies all the positive qualities that everyone needs in their life. These include intellect, loyalty, calmness, and much more. The dog breed is also perfect for families because they love children and will always want to spend time with them while protecting them when need be.

However, you will need to be assertive when it comes to the Chinese Shar-Pei. Once you maintain this assertiveness and dominance while training, it will become easy to have this breed in the house. The Chinese Shar-Pei is a reliable dog and will fiercely love and protect you, no matter what.